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Perola Bruta: Mindful, transformative Reformer Pilates in North London.

Injury Rehabilitation | Beginners | Pregnancy

Perola Bruta Reformer Studio

“Perola Bruta”: where raw strength meets refined elegance. Discover your inner beauty with private Reformer Pilates classes in a rustic yet modern space. Embrace mindful, transformative movement and get strong, flexible, injury and pain free. Unveil your true essence feeling happy, young and free to do the things you want at our boutique studio.

Your Pilates journey enhanced in 3 ways


Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring a personalized workout experience. We promise you that you and your spouse or friend will NOT get the same session!


Inspired by the ethos of Joseph Pilates, who drew from diverse disciplines such as gymnastics, yoga, and swimming, our studio adopts a multidisciplinary approach by seamlessly incorporating elements from a range of fitness disciplines and energy therapies.


While maintaining deep respect for tradition and classical Pilates, we offer a cutting-edge, creative approach that delivers results, bringing innovation to your workout experience.

Private Reformer Pilates

Rehabilitation with Reformer Pilates: Ideal for Injury Recovery

Reformer Pilates serves as a valuable rehabilitation method for both old and recent injuries. As a low-impact form of workout it is often recommended by physios and osteopaths to address arthritis and lower back pain.

Combine core strength and flexibility: Reformer Pilates for Beginners

Private Reformer Pilates classes provide an ideal entry point for beginners, offering personalized guidance to ensure a solid foundation. Tailored sessions focus on enhancing core strength, flexibility, and posture, empowering you with the skills and confidence to embark on your transformative Pilates journey.

Private Reformer Pilates classes cater to the unique needs of pregnancy, providing specialized exercises that address common issues like pubic symphysis discomfort, lower back pain, and shoulder tension.

State-of-art Reformer Pilates studio in the heart of North London

We are based in North London, 12 mins walk from Tufnell Park station and ~15mins drive from Swiss Cottage, Belize Park, Hampstead Heath, Hampstead Gardens, Kentish Town and Highgate. Our street offers easy pay as you go parking spaces for non-islington residents.


54 Tufnell Park Rd

N7 0DT

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